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At School Lane Pre-School we endeavour to create an atmosphere where the child feels happy and secure within a friendly environment. When a child feels happy and secure they are ready to learn and for a child, playing is learning.

Children are given the opportunity and are encouraged to experience many activities in all areas of the Early Learning Foundation stage. Your child will learn a lot from playing, especially if they are happy in the group.

A story or song helps language and literacy skills. It helps children to enrich their language, to communicate effectively and use their imagination.

With water play a child learns hand-eye co-ordination which helps with writing skills. They learn floating and sinking and understanding the world around them. Play dough helps a child strengthen their fingers so that they can hold a pencil correctly.

Endless experiments are possible with paint, with the use of different colours and various tools. Sometimes what they paint they cover up to make it disappear, this tells you they have finished.

Whatever a child creates, it is the doing that provides them with both pleasure and fun.

There are too many activities to mention but we hope this has given you an insight into your child’s learning.

Join us for a session where you can have hands on experience.


“Come along………………..It’s fun”